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Kingz Enterprizes is a Veteran owned and Veteran ran Alaskan web design consultancy agency that develops inexpensive graphic, and web design services using the CMS management platform WordPress for websites and Divi. We pride ourselves in our history in what we do, can do and the quality of work and service we provide to you and the community. We started as an idea back in 2007 with little things here and there. We used our talent into promoting local artists and companies and didn’t realize the potential we had until later years when someone came to us when we had taken a break and said your skill is great and much appreciated, use what you love and know how to do, true story.

We were reminded of this again in 2019, after dealing with our military injury, we were reminded to not dwell in the past rather show and do, life happens it’s really up to you to put the ball back in the game and win. So that’s when we introduced the rebirth of something old into something new. Kingz Enterprizes. It does not matter how small or large your company may be, your design or entertainment needs. We cater to all sizes and consult on a daily basis. For a FREE limited time consultation this month, please either your information and send us an email or set up an appointment over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you.


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